For CD and DVD duplication in Toledo, make Diskcopy your first choice. With more than 25 years of experience in media duplication, the experts at Diskcopy can assist you with any project needs that may arise. For Toledo CD duplication and DVD duplication services, we can generally complete your project within 48 hours, and we’re able to accommodate rush orders as well, so be sure to ask if you have an urgent need.

Diskcopy’s Toledo DVD duplication and CD duplication begin with the option for you to upload your files via web, FTP, or email transfer. We thoroughly check them for accuracy before beginning duplication.

For DVDs, choose from:

  • DVD-R / DVD+R Duplication
  • Dual Layer DVD Duplication (DL-DVD-R)
  • Mini DVD-R Duplication


For Toledo CD duplication choose from:

  • CD-R Duplication
  • Audio CD-R Duplication
  • Mini CD-R Duplication
  • Business Card CD-R Duplication


Labeling, Packaging, and Distribution

As you know, duplicating your media is only part of the solution you need. At Diskcopy, you can decide on the best labeling choice for your project, including direct thermal imprint, offset printing, screen printing, or pressure sensitive labeling. For packaging, we offer sleeves and jewel cases, and we’re also happy to work with you on choosing a custom package for your media to make it stand out.

When you’re ready for the distribution stage, Diskcopy can handle that for you. We have warehousing facilities to store your discs so you don’t have to try and find space for them at your own location. We’re capable of distributing bulk shipments and direct mailing needs for you as well.


Other Media Duplication Services

It’s not just about CDs and DVDs at Diskcopy. Come to us when your business needs SD duplication, for example, or assistance with a large duplication project of USB drives, hard drives, or CF cards. We can even convert your old VHS, cassettes, or floppy disks to a format you can use with your current technology.

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