Commercial SD Cards: What sets them apart?

An SD card is a commodity we’ve grown accustomed to. But that tidy little piece of tech that’s stowed away in our camera bag is a far cry from its commercial counterpart. In today’s increasingly digital world, data needs to be reliable and always at the ready––so do SD cards, where that data is often housed. Let’s discuss which sectors are in need of commercial grade SD cards, and some key factors that Diskcopy experts consider when deciding on the best product for your project.

Consumer vs. Commercial

Commercial SD Cards from Diskcopy LLC

More than a gadget used for personal hobbies, entertainment, or general storage, commercial SD and microSD cards are used for highly specialized goods and services. But a common pitfall lies in using less expensive and lower-quality consumer SD cards for commercial purposes. These run-of-the-mill cards just aren’t built for heavy lifting. So if you need an SD card to handle tough jobs, it must:

  • Be constructed of tough, reliable, and high-quality components
  • Perform dependably over long stretches of time
  • Ensure data availability and little to no downtime
  • Offer a solid return on initial investment

Would you benefit from an example or two? Let’s take a look at some specific scenarios and learn which SD card features are most important to fill the need.

Commercial Considerations

When retailers are looking to amp up their in-store displays, they need an SD card that’s a step above. These displays need to run smoothly from open till closing time. On top of this, using the cards needs to be easy for store associates, and they need to survive inevitable mistakes. Another factor is consistency––product manufacturers need to ensure that all their displays in a given geographic area offer customers consistent, reliable information. 

How can companies guarantee the quality and compatibility of the SD cards they provide to retailers? It’s a big task to take on, and at Diskcopy we’re ready to help. We specialize not just in choosing the ideal SD card for your application but also in data duplication. And we’re obsessed with quality, so you can rest easy, knowing that wherever the SD cards are sent out they’ve been QC’d and are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Here are just a handful of real-life needs that Diskcopy has addressed:

Store Displays for a Popular Action Camera Brand
These in-store setups were meant to give potential buyers an eyeful, with high-quality scrolling images offering a taste of what the gadget can deliver. Another option was to load an automated tour to the SD card. In either case, Diskcopy specialists picked the best SD card to match the client’s needs, one that could withstand continuous play, power fluctuations, and any physical impact from careless handling.

Not only does a high-quality SD card show the true capabilities of the device, but it can also be easily updated. This is key, especially if the manufacturer wants to switch out images for a specific campaign or just to freshen things up. Even when no one is looking, the device needs to be showcasing its capabilities. Consistent functioning is vital, as store associates likely won’t be skilled in diagnosing or fixing issues.

Digital assistants
The SD card used to bring popular home assistants to life for in-store displays would need to be able to stand up to all-day use. The device would also need to reliably recall preprogrammed information. The SD card needs to withstand power surges and not compromise performance, while also remaining consistent across the board.

Transit tablets
A transportation authority determined that the best way to ensure connectivity and communication between the city’s operators was to provide them with tablets. The SD card selected to feed programs on the tablets would allow users to clock in, track routes, and even monitor security cameras. Capabilities could be expanded as needed. This card needed to be robust and dependable, since glitches in the system could cause confusion or worse. Updates would also need to be made easily.

Digital signage
In this case, SD cards needed to hold data that would scroll and repeat, without a break––but they also had to be especially durable. These cards had to be able to withstand fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. If a power surge or outage happened the cards would need to be able to recover, without malfunctions or jumbled data. They would need to be highly efficient at how data was stored and accessed, so that the card could have the longest life possible.

Here’s another common scenario: a large box store needs to have the displays updated on their TV wall. The easiest and most efficient way to handle this is via a commercial SD card. The media can be reliably duplicated and uploaded to the devices. Ease of use is always important, but here especially so.

Another typical retail need is a reliable SD card to retain information from security cameras. Not only does the card need to be highly efficient when it comes to storing data, it also needs to be able to handle constant use. Here’s where a glitch or a malfunction just can’t happen. And if the camera is outdoors, or in a hot or humid indoor environment, the SD card will also need to put up with environmental extremes. Knowing these variables and finding the exact SD card that will be best for the client’s needs is a source of pride.

Beyond Retail Applications
SD cards are fundamental to operations in a wide variety of commercial applications. End users need the cards to be as close to indestructible as possible, as sometimes safety and lives are on the line. And with so many modern systems being completely automated, clients need to trust that the SD card at the heart of it all can stand up to the rigors. Oftentimes, the SD cards used will also need to meet stringent, industry regulations.

These sectors require the most rugged SD cards we offer:

  • Networking/Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Automation
  • Health Care
  • Transportation
  • Infotainment
  • Casino Gaming
  • Power/Energy

In all the above applications, SD cards must stand up to round-the-clock use. They also need to consistently withstand extreme environmental conditions like high and low temperatures, physical shock, humidity, dust, pressure, and vibration. They are often crammed into small spaces, removed and reinserted frequently, and exposed to the worst of the worst. It takes a special grade of SD card to put up with those challenges. At Diskcopy we evaluate your project and pick the card that will best deliver your desired results. Years in the industry allow us to make that choice and do it successfully again and again.

What We Look For

When we’re selecting the best SD cards on the market for commercial applications, we’re thinking long term––the total cost of the solution. This is a key factor for our clients to keep in mind. Unlike the low-quality, readily available cards that fail and malfunction when put through the paces, the cards we supply will stand the test of time.

Here are the key factors we take into consideration when selecting the ideal SD card for your project:

  • CAPACITY AND SPEED: there are varying levels of both––bigger and faster aren’t always better; for the most efficient, practical application, the SD card will closely match the job requirements
  • COMPATIBILITY: physically there often isn’t a detectable, visual difference that is obvious to an untrained eye––fundamental differences manifest themselves when a low-quality card is incompatible with client data or the end use; conducting tests verifies the card’s quality before it’s ever distributed to the end user
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: there is no true “one size” option––applications and industries are diverse and the card needs to line up with these variables; this principle also applies to the end use, what sort of data is being loaded, and the level of performance that the client expects
  • DATA INTEGRITY: depending on the application, some blocks of data are being read and reread more than others––the card needs to efficiently and accurately store and access data, especially if the lapse in functioning could cause harm or endanger the user; anti-fatigue mechanisms set this grade of SD card apart
  • INDUSTRY COMPLIANCE: this is another variable to ensure that when the card needs to perform under difficult circumstances, it won’t let clients down––standards are in place because they represent the needed quality for a given task
  • POWER STABILITY: typical consumer SD cards are very sensitive to minor shifts in electricity––commercial cards have to be more stable because so much is relying on them; a backup mechanism ensures data integrity and reliable operation, even when power is inconsistent
  • RELIABLE & DURABLE: regardless of application, the card must handle often non-stop use paired with physical stress; it should not malfunction due to environmental factors
  • STATUS MONITORING: Flash allows a finite number of write times to a card, a lifetime of sorts––this can be tricky to estimate, and being caught off guard is more than inconvenient, it could be disastrous; knowing ahead of time via monitoring capabilities allows the user to acquire a replacement and transfer data, etc.

How Diskcopy Handles Your Needs

At Diskcopy, we take pride in what we do. If your company is racing to meet an implementation deadline, or simply too busy to tackle a project in-house, this process could seem completely overwhelming. Our expertise and skill allow us to simplify things for you. We can pick the ideal SD card for your job, and our technicians will perfectly duplicate your proprietary images, video, or other data so that the finished product exceeds expectations. No matter the application, you can rely on Diskcopy’s products to work as expected when they reach the display site. Our technicians put the cards through testing to ensure that the success rate is high and headaches are avoided. You provide the initial information and we take things from there.

Now all that’s left to do is discuss. Feel free to browse our website, where you can learn more about our media duplication services and product offerings. Then get in touch to learn how we can take your media duplication project to the next level––we’re ready to help!

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