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Converting VHS Tapes to a Modern Format

Converting VHS tapes to DVD might not seem worth the effort, but if your company has old tapes lying around, they could be storing valuable information. Here are our top reasons why you should consider converting VHS tapes to DVD format.

  1. Avoid data loss. It will not be that far into the future when VCRs are no longer available or are very difficult to find. Imagine a scenario in which you need to figure out what was on an old VHS tape, but you have no way to access the data that is stored on it. What an uncomfortable position to be in. There is no better time than now, while the technology is still relatively readily available, to convert VHS tapes to DVD so that you can avoid the possibility of being incapable of accessing important information.
  2. Reduce costs of refilming. If your company has footage of training sessions, research practices, or customer interviews, choosing to convert VHS tapes to DVD will allow you to reuse any of that data. As long as it is still relevant to your industry, you will not have to spend the money and resources necessary to recreate any of the footage you’ve already captured.
  3. Modernize your record keeping. Does the space that your old VHS tapes are taking upon storage shelves make you cringe? Converting VHS tapes to DVD makes sense even if just for the sheer amount of physical space you’ll save. DVDs can be stored in thin plastic protective cases or even sheer sleeves, allowing you to store far more of them in the place of your VHS tapes. DVDs also allow you to have easy access to all of your records of historical video footage at your fingertips, so it’s much quicker to locate the specific moment in a video that you need to find.
  4. Manipulate your data more efficiently. In the event that you do decide to reuse old data, once you have your footage on a DVD, it is much easier to edit and make changes. Your employees who have grown up in the digital age will be able to make cuts and changes to your DVD footage, whereas if you still have VHS tapes, you will need to find a specialist to do this for you.

Don’t wait – get information on how to convert VHS tapes to DVD format right away to make everything easier for you and your company.

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