Is there a difference in USB Flash Drives - Custom USB Flash Drives

Not all USB Flash Drives are the same.  They might look the same on the outside but what's important is what's on the inside.  Don't buy a custom printed USB from a branding or ad specialty company.  They have no idea what parts are inside the drive.  It is important that you get a drive that uses name brand original memory and controllers. 

When you buy from a Media Duplication Expert you know you are getting a quality product, usually at a lower cost because of the buying power they have as a result of the volume of drives they manufacture annually.
Diskcopy LLC uses name brand flash and controllers to ensure that the drives have the fastest read/write speeds as well as data security or integrity.
When you buy a drive from Diskcopy LLC we will preload your data at no additional cost.
Over 20 years of media duplication experience why trust anyone else.

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