Not All USB Drives Are Created Equal… Why You Should Choose DiskCopy

Why would you buy a USB flash drive from the same guy that prints your Ad Specialty Items such as mugs, hats, shirts, etc.?

Diskcopy LLC is a media duplication company that specializes in one thing, media duplication. We’re the best choice for professional USB drive duplication services.

We only use the highest quality flash memory in our USB Flash Drives.  This means that the drives will read and write at the highest rates.  By the way, when you purchase USB Flash drives from Diskcopy LLC, we will load your content on them for free.  We can even set up the drive to autorun.

Our knowledge of how a USB flash drive works, allows us to program the USB flash drive to your PC will look at the USB Flash Drive as if it was a CD.  When we do this it allows the autorun command to launch the designated application or file.

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