Recent Projects at Diskcopy

Diskcopy has been very busy working on a variety of projects for our customers over the past few months. We wanted to share some examples of these projects with you so you can get an idea of our capabilities and see if there might be an application that fits your business' needs.

  • We recently completed a project requiring Micro SD Card Duplication on over 5,000 16GB Micro SD Cards for retail kiosks of home assistant products like Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. You might have seen some of these displays at your local Bed Bath & Beyond.

  • We were contacted by a church that holds yearly conventions and wanted to supply their guests with a digital picture frame as a gift. We are working on duplicating the Micro SD Cards that will contain inspirational messages so that they can be used with the frames to be given to the guests at the convention.

  • A large social media company wanted to provide promotional MP3 players and Micro SD Cards with media containing their business' podcasts to be distributed at an upcoming convention. The Micro SD cards will be imaged and then installed in each MP3 player, then shipped to the customer.

  • Several Micro SD Card Duplication & SD Card Duplication projects are being handled for upcoming trade shows and conventions.  Many customers are looking for promotional giveaways with digital assets.

Diskcopy performs SD and Micro SD Card Duplication

  • USB Drive Duplication along with custom media for a trade show. The USB drive was custom designed based on the customer’s specifications and branding requirements.

  • CD & DVD Duplication and/or Replication is being done for many online catalogs. Check out our CD printer in action.

  • Software updates containing large amounts of data have been handled by Diskcopy.  In many cases, the amount of data required for these software updates is too large to be transferred via the Internet, or perhaps even too difficult to install.  So we have provided Hard Disk Drive Duplication services, including the packaging & shipping accordingly. Some customers have also been provided CD & DVD Duplication and Replication for these applications.

  • Recently an order was received for SD Card Duplication from a customer who provides self-service lockers for shipping companies. The media was duplicated and sent out to the customer, but the customer had a problem with the specific type of media not being compatible with all products.  We accepted a full return and provided different media at their request (Sandisk SD Cards) with a different read/write speed. The additional SD Card Duplication was done at no cost as we want to ensure all our customers are 100% satisfied with our products and services.

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