CD/DVD Duplication Services

Optical Discs, commonly known as compact discs, can be utilized for many purposes. CDs can be used to distribute software, marketing content, videos, music, interactive presentations, and video games. DVDs, which hold more than 6 times as much information as a CD, are used for many of these same reasons. Both formats are a highly effective method for storing or distributing data, as they are familiar and easy to use.

CDs and DVDs are very cost-effective, secure and a guaranteed method of distributing and transferring your content to the end user or systems without requiring any additional technology or interface such as a high-speed broadband connection.

Duplication is the process of copying data on to a CD-Recordable (CD-R) or a DVD-Recordable (DVD-R). Duplication is typically reserved for smaller quantity runs and it is also used for larger orders that require a fast turnaround.

While newer technologies exist, CDs and DVDs are still often the best choice for distributing your content to the right audience. They are familiar formats for all types of clients and customers and are an easy and cost-effective way to distribute your content or to communicate your message.

If you’re looking for a CD and DVD copying service that will be able to meet your business’s specific needs, you’ll want to work with Diskcopy. As a full-service media duplication company, we offer DVD Duplication and DVD Replication for the following formats:

  • DVD Duplication (DVD-R / DVD+R) and CD Duplication (CD-R)
  • Dual Layer DVD Duplication (DL-DVD-R) and Audio CD Duplication (CD-R Audio)
  • Mini DVD Duplication and Mini CD Duplication (200mb Mini CD-R)
  • Blu Ray Duplication (BD-R) and Business Card CD Duplication (50mb Rink-Shaped CD-R)

When you choose duplication, you don’t have to compromise how the finished product will look.

We offer the following methods for custom CD printing and DVD printing.

  • Direct Thermal Imprint (black on a silver disc or black on a white disc)
  • Full Color Direct on a white disc
  • Pressure Sensitive Label
  • Screen Printing
  • Offset Printing

Completing your project with one of our Stock Packaging or Custom Packaging solutions will further enhance the professional look of your product. With a full line of industrial packaging including sleeves, cases, wallets, mailers, and Digipaks, Diskcopy is your perfect choice for CD Duplication, DVD Duplication or Blu Ray Duplication.

For packaging your CD or DVD, take a look at our Custom Packaging and Stock Packaging offerings which include a full line of industry standard packaging:

  • Sleeves
  • Mailers
  • Wallets
  • DigiPaks
  • Clam Shells
  • We can even produce a custom solution.

We’re also here to help with distribution of your final media after the duplication process is complete. From start to finish, Diskcopy is your top choice for mass DVD Duplication.

Find more information about our CD Duplication and DVD Duplication Services.

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