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Raspberry Pi creates a series of single-board computers and provides access to tools that allow for general-purpose computing at an affordable cost. This means that barriers to entry are being overcome for countless individuals and organizations who would previously have been shut out due to expense. These versatile computers are being used for interactive museum exhibits, as educational tools, in governmental applications and by small businesses across the globe. Integrating technology has become infinitely more accessible and affordable and has been pivotal in the rise of the everyday Internet of Things (IoT).

Raspberry Pi Imaging Micro SD Cards

The Diskcopy team is equipped to offer services for the imaging of OS Kernels for Raspberry Pi devices on MicroSD cards. Imaging–AKA provisioning, per the manufacturer–is the process of configuring media to support your desired application. Our proprietary system can also mount and verify a supplied image to Raspberry Pi’s CM3 and CM3+ boards.

 The resulting integrated product will be available on MicroSD or Raspberry Pi Compute Modules (CM# or CM3+) which is an embedded flash technology. Our order capacity is flexible, reaching into the thousands of units.  

Imaging for Raspberry Pi Devices

Common industries that make use of Raspberry Pi computers include:

  • Educational services
  • Digital signage
  • Food service and hospitality
  • Communications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical technology
  • Industrial automation
  • Consumer goods
  • Manufacturing

These are broad sectors, and we can assist clients from countless industries as they make use of Raspberry Pi computers in building and advancing their businesses. 

In general, clients will supply the Raspberry Pi units for imaging services, but at times we may be able to supply these computers to our clients. We welcome inquiries for all Raspberry Pi Computer components and accessories, including the following models:

  • Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit
  • Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Raspberry Pi Pico W
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Raspberry Pi Zero

Raspberry Pi computers have a reputation as reliable, robust, and versatile equipment for individuals, organizations, and companies of all sizes. Their affordability and easy-to-use system allows for countless applications and we are happy to make our imaging services available on these devices.

 Raspberry Pi Imaging Services 

At Diskcopy, our process ensures the highest quality imaging. We test, verify, and stand by our work. Our specialized equipment and skilled team set us apart, and our constant study of emerging technology environments mean that whatever your media duplication needs may be, we have you covered. 

 Get in touch today to learn more about imaging services for Raspberry Pi devices, or to request a custom quote on your next project.

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