Hard Drive Duplication Services

Custom external hard drive duplication service from Diskcopy is the perfect choice when vast amounts of data need to be stored or distributed. External hard drives provide seamless file transfer possibilities, add storage and allow for easy portability.

External Hard drive duplication services performed by Diskcopy are completed by utilizing the latest technology in the market today. Using a binary image copy and bit for bit verification procedure ensures the most reliable duplication and verification process possible. This ensures the target bulk hard drive devices are 100% identical to the supplied master.

Diskcopy’s factory direct suppliers allow us to provide the highest quality, brand-name, reliable products you seek. Cost-effective bulk hard drives ranging from 500 GB USB 2.0 to 3 TB USB 3.0 are available, allowing you to store and transport enormous amounts of data.

Use a custom external hard drive to:

  • Replace a multi-disc set of CDs or DVDs with one simple device
  • Deliver large firmware sets to your proprietary machinery
  • Distribute promotional and marketing tools and information
  • A rapid file transfer solution between storage media and device
  • External capacity to access content without using internal storage capacity

By distributing bulk hard drives to your customers, they are able to transfer files at the quickest and most reliable speeds. Time matters, so utilizing one seamless technology like an external hard drive is an efficient tool when large sums of data are involved.

Diskcopy can also create a custom look for your hard drives prior to distribution to your end users. Diskcopy offers stock and custom solutions to label, print and packages our custom external hard drives.

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