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Promote your products and services with a sophisticated interactive video brochure. Make your company stand out from the competition by providing video in a custom printed brochure that doesn't require an internet connection or an additional media or players.

Diskcopy manufactures hand-held cards equipped with printed LCD video that will play a recorded video or message the instant they are opened. Video brochures do not require an internet connection. Unlike some online videos, video brochures do not have ads that can distract the recipient.

Update your boring brochures with a video playing your sales pitch to your potential clients. It is a perfect marketing tool that combines technology and traditional media. Entice your consumers with attractive company graphics and video.

Video brochures are also perfect tools for B2B sales, product notices, proposals, invitations, marketing, real estate, etc. As we are currently in the digital age, more people have a short attention span and have no time to read texts. With a video brochure, there is no need to read. Simply watch and listen.


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2.4" Screen, 90mm x 50mm Landscape

2.8" Screen, 175mm x 130mm Landscape

4.3" Screen, 165mm x 245mm Portrait

5.0" Screen, 210mm x 150mm Landscape

7.0" Screen, 215mm x 180mm Portrait

7.0" Screen, 215mm x 180mm Landscape Turned Edge

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