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4 Reasons You Should Backup Your Hard Drive

4 Reasons You Should Backup Your Hard Drive

Hard drive backups are critical for both businesses and individuals. Your business data is one of your most valuable (and important) assets so to help ensure the security of your business’s information and data – make frequent backups. For individuals, backups are just as important. Imagine if a fire or flood destroyed your computer and all its data – your work, family photos and memories, tax returns, and generations’ worth of recipes would be gone forever.

Here are four reasons why having backup copies of your data is so important.

  1. You don’t know what you’ve got when it’s gone.

    One of the scariest aspects of losing your data is that you might not know exactly what it is that you’ve lost. Unless you keep detailed records of everything you do on your system, it’s quite possible that you won’t even know something is missing until you need it, in which case, you’re out of luck. This can have serious consequences in the business world.

  2. The costs of lost data are extensive.

    When your hardware is stolen, damaged, or suffers a crash, you not only have to replace the device but if you don’t have a data backup, you also must pay for its restoration. There are some instances in which lost data can be restored, but this is a costly process and is often imperfect – recovering only part of your valuable data. If you have a hard copy of your records, these can be input manually back into your system, but it will be a time-consuming effort.

  3. Time is money.

    It takes time to get back up and running after a crash, disaster, or cybercrime incident (yes, they happen to small businesses too!) Getting back up and running quickly thanks to your backups means you get back to making money faster.

  4. You’re likely to get lackluster results for duplicated efforts.

    If your employees are tasked with duplicating their previous work that was lost, expect the second go-round to be of lower quality than the first. Your staff is now pressed for time because they still have the same amount of work expected of them but fewer hours in which to complete it, and they are unlikely to put the same level of care and concern into redoing their work as they did when they performed the task originally. Avoid these serious problems by backing up hard drives regularly and storing your backups off-site. This advice applies to data storage devices as well; don’t wait until you have only a single master copy of a CD or DVD with your necessary information on it. Get that data duplicated immediately to reduce the likelihood of losses.

For your personal data, a good rule of thumb is to think about each storage device and what would happen if all its data disappeared. Then, save all that unique data, such as Word documents, graphic design files, CAD files, spreadsheets, etc., in several different places, in several different ways.

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