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toll free:   800-551-3475
phone:   440-460-0800

SD & MicroSD Card Duplication

Diskcopy is a pioneer in digital media duplication and an expert in custom SD and microSD card duplication. When we image your unique content on custom SD cards, we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your data has not only been properly duplicated to the required media, but that it’s 100% identical to your original.

Exacting SD and microSD card duplication is critical for:

  • Looping video point-of purchase kiosks
  • Digital signage in multiple locations
  • Use in mobile phones or other hand-held mobile devices
  • Easy and portable distribution of content files
  • Custom Linux kernel for installation in a product
  • Custom operating system files for use in applications such as Raspberry Pi

Diskcopy SD card duplication uses a binary image copy and ‘bit for bit’ verification to ensure the most reliable duplication and verification process possible because every bit is important. We can also provide write protection on SD cards and cards can be partitioned so your end user can use the remaining space on the card for their own file storage without risking loss of your preloaded files.

Our large network of factory-direct SD card and microSD card suppliers allows us to provide high-quality media cards with a capacity as low as 128mb and high as necessary to meet your project requirements.


Available Capacities:

  • 128mb
  • 256 mb
  • 512 mb
  • 1gb
  • 2gb
  • 4gb
  • 8gb
  • 16gb
  • 32gb
  • 64gb
  • 128gb

Our SD and microSD card duplication service can duplicate any format so that you can distribute data quickly and easily to your manufacturing facilities, customers, and marketing contacts. We use only high-quality, original flash memory in all our SD and microSD cards which ensures that they will function at the highest read & write rates.

With Diskcopy, it’s not just right, it’s exactly right.


What is a flash memory card?

A memory card (MMC) is a form of solid-state storage, also with no moving parts. It functions electronically instead of mechanically. A memory card is a data storage device where data can be electronically erased and reprogrammed. Memory cards are quite small, so they are ideal for portable devices and devices where data loading slots are limited. A few examples of electronics that use memory cards include digital cameras, laptop computers, mobile phones, music players, tablets, game consoles, and many types of digital signage. Due to their high ability to store large amounts of data without external power, small footprint, re-record ability, and rugged environmental specifications, memory cards are both extremely versatile and useful.
There are many different flash memory cards on the market. Examples include SD and micro SD cards, compact flash cards, memory sticks, and other proprietary cards. The experts at Diskcopy can guide you in choosing which MMC card will best meet your needs, and stand ready to assist you with your project in all formats of MMC.

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