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Diskcopy LLC has over 20 years of experience providing fast and accurate media duplication services. We use only the highest quality name brand components in all the media we supply.

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Our Media Duplication Services

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SD/CF Cards Sd Card Duplication Service

SD/CF Cards

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Custom USB Drives SD Card Duplication Services

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CD/DVD Duplication Services


Duplication & Replication

We provide custom packaging for your CDs and DVDs

Custom Packaging

CDs & DVDs

Diskcopy LLC has specialized in media duplication for more than 25 years. Our expertise is in supplying and loading all formats of computer media. This includes Compact Discs (CD &DVD) USB Flash Drives, SD Cards, CF Cards, USB HDD, all MMC card formats and even floppy diskettes. We don’t just sell branded product, we sell the highest quality media with all original name brand components. All of our drives are manufactured to our specification as a commercial USB Flash Drive and not an off the shelf consumer drive. This means that these drives will perform at the highest levels ensuring high read/write speeds as well as a long secure life.

Our experience and vendor relationships allow us to buy everything factory direct, manufactured to meet or exceed all industry standards while still offering a good price.

If you require our data loading services, we recommend that you order the drives in advance and we will hold them until your content is ready to load. We only need 1 – 2 days to load your content. We typically try to load the drives the same day we get the content or the next day. We will do whatever is necessary to meet your deadline if you are running behind on your content creation.