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toll free:   800-551-3475
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USB Flash Drive Copy Protection

USB Flash Drive Copy Protection

Prevent illegal copies and sharing of your content on a USB Flash Drive

Our solution provides a secure and encrypted solution that only allows access to the content from the protected USB flash drive.  At the same time, it blocks all unauthorized access attempts as well as screen captures or copy and paste.

We can make your USB flash drives read-only

Protecting your content allows you to write your HTML, PDF, Images, Videos, ePub, Video-DVD, etc. to the USB sticks you duplicate. This way, it is impossible to modify the sticks or delete the content from them.

Supports Windows, macOS, Android and ChromeOS

The protected content works on Windows PCs, macOS computers, Android devices and ChromeOS computers with Play Store. The locked content on the USB flash drive is completely self-contained and does not install any drivers or require administrative privileges at any time. Just send us your content and we will produce a first article copy before running your copies. 

Use your own design

With our process, you can create a customized HTML menu with links to the content files.  

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