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toll free:   800-551-3475
phone:   440-460-0800

What Sets Us Apart

Diskcopy is a media duplication company. We’re not a promotional products company, selling cheap logo flash memory along with t-shirts and water bottles – we specialize in custom flash memory and exacting media duplication.


We pioneered media and data duplication for businesses and have decades of experience and expertise with all types of media duplication. We are an expert because this is our focus, not something we can do because we bought a machine to do it. We understand everything about data and media duplication there is to know, so when you work with Diskcopy, you’re working with the best in the business.


We are experts in media duplication, including USB duplication, SD duplication, CD and DVD replication, CD and DVD duplication, compact flash duplication, memory stick duplication, custom external hard drive duplication, floppy disk duplication, and VHS and cassette tape duplication.


No t-shirts, no water bottles – simply flash memory and exacting media duplication.


That’s what sets Diskcopy apart.

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