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5 Custom DVD Packaging Options

Once you’ve completed the work of getting your media just right, whether it’s data for your business, your feature film masterpiece, a professional recording of your concert or any other type of media, a presentation can be just as important as the data on the disc itself. The way your packaging looks could affect whether your intended audience is interested in what you have to show them and whether they even watch your DVD.

We have some suggestions for custom DVD packaging that can really make your media stand out. Think about your intended recipient as you decide on the best DVD packaging options for you.

DVD booklet

This is a great choice if your media requires several DVDs. Use this packaging type to provide easy access to your discs in the correct order. Choose a custom printed cover to make a good impression with your booklet.

DVD tray card for jewel cases

For a more traditional look, especially for data discs, a jewel case can be the best choice if you have a single DVD. You can still make your packaging individualized with a custom printed traycard inserted in the back of your case, along with an informational booklet in the front.


A sleeker, more modern approach than the standard jewel case, the digipak is a cardboard package with plastic insert for holding your disc securely in place. Digipaks are versatile and come in many sizes, including 4 panel for one or two discs and 6 panel for one or two discs, all with the option to add pockets.

DVD wallet

A wallet is similar to a digipak but rather than utilizing a plastic disc holder, DVDs are tucked into a pocket within the cardboard case. This can be a great choice for artistic endeavors, and custom printing is perfect for the panels of wallet packaging.

DVD cover inlay or slim cover inlay

The type of packaging that is typically associated with films bought by consumers, this option can make your movie look its most professional to end users. Consider these DVD packaging options for data such as feature films, training videos and the like.

Packaging is an extremely important part of the whole experience of your media, so it’s essential to put some thought into choosing the right custom DVD packaging to go with your discs. If you’re unsure what will be best for you, Diskcopy has media duplication experts who will be happy to consult with you and provide advice based on your needs and your audience.

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