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5 Reasons to Choose Preloaded Flash Drives

5 Reasons to Choose Preloaded Flash Drives

Are you considering using preloaded flash drives for your content or data? Instead of buying branded flash drives and then copying the content yourself, one drive at a time, you should seriously consider using an expert in media duplication, such as Diskcopy.

Here are 5 reasons to choose preloaded USB flash drives from Diskcopy:

  1. We can preload any data file to your USB drive, including a software demo, music, presentations, PowerPoint slideshows, movie clips, and PDF product brochures. Save yourself a ton of and hassle of loading your flash drives and leave it to us. We’ll ensure your content gets loaded safely and deliver your flash drives so they are ready to go out of the box!
  2. We can provide a “Non-Erasable Content” option. With basic data loading, files can be removed by users to free up flash drive space. If you want to prevent your content from being removed, we can do that! We can help create the best flash drive solution for your needs.
  3. Choose from a wide variety of custom shapes or colors and add your logo to your flash drive. Shapes include keys or crosses, and finishes can be wood or stainless steel. You can even find USB flash drive card wallets, pens, keychains and more. We’ve got a style for everyone.
  4. We include printing on both sides of the drive. Your flash drive will look polished and professional.
  5. We understand how flash drive media works. That means we have factory-direct relationships and the technology and expertise to create flash drives that perform just like you need them to. 

Here’s a sixth reason to purchase your flash drives from us: we won’t charge extra to preload them with your data. 

Your flash drive can be a powerful marketing tool. Having your content preloaded ensures your valuable information is kept secure and in one place and performs as you need it to. 

Diskcopy is the industry’s most trusted name for exacting media duplication because every bit is important. We pioneered media and data duplication for businesses in the early 1990s and we have decades of experience and expertise with all types of media duplication.

When you need high-quality media duplication services, you need Diskcopy.

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