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Can You Recover Lost Data from Your Flash Drive and SD Card?

What if you accidentally delete a file on an SD card, flash drive, or hard drive? Is it gone forever?

The good news is that you may be able to recover data from your storage device using a data recovery tool because files that you delete from storage devices do not immediately disappear. You can probably recover your deleted files, especially if you have not carried out any read/write function on the device recently. There is a wide range of applications you can use to recover lost or deleted files on SD cards, USB based drives, internal, and external hard drives.

You can also use the recovery tools that come with your tablet, laptop or PC. These built-in applications support a wide range of devices including USB flash drive and SD cards. They are available on a variety of platforms such as IOS, Windows, and other platforms for portable devices.

Some advanced recovery tools can recover data from re-writable optical drives including DVDs and CDs. There are applications that will support virtually any device that you plug into your computer. That includes digital cameras, mobile phones, and other portable digital devices.

Whether the application you use to recover data is suitable for your needs depends on the file system. The file system determines how data is written and managed. Therefore, it follows that the same system must be used to retrieve lost data.

So, if you are using Windows, the data recovery tools should be able to handle FAT/FAT32 and NTFS files. You’ll need a data retrieval application that supports AFPS for MacOS and XFS, JFS, and Ext2 for the Linux platform. When retrieving data, it is not the type of device that matters but the type of file system you use. With that said, trying to retrieve data from shared drives is possible but can be complicated. The main challenge with recovering from shared drives has to do with controls and levels of access. You may have to log onto the network and use integrated file recovery features.

Deleting a file that you needed is not necessarily the end. Finding a data recovery tool for your needs can help you to restore data back to its original location.

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