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Custom CD Packaging Ideas

Custom CD Packaging Ideas

Custom CD Packaging Ideas

Now that the hard work you’ve put into creating your CD is complete, it’s time to package it just right. Whether you want to sell your music, compile your photos or store data, you have lots of options when it comes to CD packaging.

Panel CD Insert

These come with 2, 4, or 6 panels, depending on how many CDs you need to package together. Options with more panels are ideal for a series of CDs or duplicates and you can customize your insert to show what can be found inside.

CD Booklet

A CD booklet is perfect to keep your CDs in order. Custom printed options allow you to give your booklet a cover, whether that is an image, a description, song lyrics, etc.


Slip a traycard into your jewel case and never forget what the CD inside contains. Whether it’s the cover to an album, song lyrics, or a quick description of the data that can be found inside.

Econo Sleeve

Keep CDs safe inside an Econo Sleeve. The case folds over your CD to keep it contained.

Panel Wallet

Panel Wallets come with 4 or 6 panels, as well as 4 panels with 2 pockets, or 6 panels with 2 pockets. Just like the Econo Sleeve, these Panel Wallets will keep your CDs tucked safely away.

Panel DigiPaks

Panel DigiPaks come in a variety of sizes to house your CDs. Placeholders allow you to snap CDs into place, ensuring they stay secure and unharmed.

Choose from 4-panel options:

  • 4 panel 2 pocket wallet
  • 4 panel with diagonal pocket

Or 6-panel options:

  • 6 panel
  • 6-panel pocket
  • 6 panel 2 disc

Custom CD packaging can make a big difference in how you market your product. Whether it’s to try and raise awareness about your music, or simply a way to share photos and data with clients, you have options when it comes to packaging your content.

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