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Digital Signs and POP Displays: What They Do and How They Work

Digital Signs and POP Displays: What They Do and How They Work

Despite rumors to the contrary, brick and mortar business is alive and well. In-store remains an important sales channel, but business-driving foot traffic isn’t limited to retailers – banks, professional services, and bars and restaurants all rely on people coming in and engaging with the business’s services.

One of the most effective methods to engage with customers is digital signage and point of purchase (POP) displays. Let’s explain what digital signs and POP displays are, how they increase engagement with customers, and how they work.

What is digital signage?

In the modern digital economy, businesses need effective ways to capture the attention of their audience. The use of digital signs helps them convey information, entertain, and promote their products or services, and create an engaging experience that connects their brand to their customers.

Digital signage is a display technology that uses the actual products and LCD or LED screens to display information and merchandising and advertising messages. These messages can take the form of images, videos, audio, or animations – anything that communicates a message to reach the intended audience. 

Content is played using a media player connected to a speaker or the display and is managed through internal firmware and content running from a USB Flash Drive or an SD or MicroSD Card.

Digital signs are used in a wide range of industries such as big box stores, retail chains, food service, hospitality, healthcare, and work in just about every business.

What are digital POP displays?

Digital point of purchase (POP) displays can come in a wide variety of types. They can feature digital screens that display images or video, or have interactive elements, such as touch screens. POP displays can also sense movement to trigger music or video, provide spoken product descriptions, and can engage the user interaction.

How do digital signs and POP displays increase engagement?

Digital signs and POP displays increase customer engagement and provide businesses competitive advantages in many ways.

Enhance purchasing decisions and create more sales

Answering your customers’ questions by showing a product’s unique qualities, design, and benefits will make them more confident in their purchase decision.

Enhance your brand awareness

Digital signage keeps your brand in front of your customers, and the more they remember you, the better chance they will return. Customers are more likely to remember a brand displayed digitally than one just sitting on a shelf.

Targeted messaging and localization

Digital signs let you target your message and content to specific demographics or geographical areas that resonate with customers, further enhancing your messaging and communication. 

Time savings (costs too!)

Digital signs allow you to quickly update your content, saving time and printing costs.

Provide entertainment

Entertaining your customers with graphics, photos, and videos is simple and inexpensive, and when you connect with them, you’ll remain top-of-mind. There’s no reason not to do it.

Increase profit  

Digital signs and POP displays are like extra salespeople and can trigger spontaneous purchasing decisions.

Those are some amazing benefits, right? Best of all, just about any business can take advantage of them.

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