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Promotional Item Ideas and 3 of the Best Gifts for Conferences

Conference attendees are constantly on the go and often with their arms full. They need carry bags, for example, as well as items that will make life easier when on the move. Some promotional items given during these conferences often turn out to be disappointing. Many of the gifts end up in the trash bin.

Different types of promotional items are suited for certain types of conferences. The following are some things you could gift attendees, including some of the considerations to make when choosing a suitable gift for conferences.

Custom USB Storage Drives

Promotional USB with words 'Your Logo Here' engraved, customizable and sold by Diskcopy LLCMany conference organizers now prefer to share information in paperless format. Brochures and posters are often prepared and disseminated in digital files. Even though there may be free Wi-Fi at the conference location, USB drives may come in handy should the Wi-Fi connection go down during the conference, and will make an impression even after the conference is over.

Ideal for:

USB drives are lightweight and easy to carry. They can be suitable gifts for conferences where a lot of digital information is likely to be shared.

Keep in Mind:

Attendees of the event may not have the time to explore the contents of the USB drive. Ensure that attendees are properly informed of the valuable information you’ve added to the USB drive, possibly with conspicuous signage. Make sure you add your logo to the flash drive so that people know who gave it to them.

Power Banks

Promotional power banks in pink, blue, black, and white & purple customized and sold by Diskcopy LLCOne of the best gifts for conferences you can give attendees is a power bank. Most conferences are fast paced with attendees moving from one lecture or stand to another. There is no time to wait for their smartphone to recharge so you’ll be saving them time and reminding them that your company cares about their time and convenience.

Ideal for:

As a promotional item a power bank would be best suited for events that last for several days. If there is little time for leisure people will struggle to find time to charge their phones. Additionally, it could be ideal for conferences where users are required to use their portable devices to download apps, or participate in some activities.

Keep In Mind:

You want your potential customers to be happy they have a power bank with ample recharging power, so don’t skimp on the quality for these. DiskCopy supplies a wide variety of power banks starting at 2000mAh up to 6000mAh or larger. Our power banks are made from the highest quality components, including grade A batteries.

External Hard Drives

Promotional black external USB hard drive customized and sold by Diskcopy LLCEven though more people are using cloud storage, external hard drives are still in demand because large amounts of data are hard to share in a quick manner. With external drives large amounts of data can be transferred at much faster speeds than most cloud storage options so your customers will appreciate the easy, and less time consuming method of receiving your company information or important files.

Ideal for:

Custom external hard drives are best suited for high-budget events where including them as promotional items can be justified. External hard drives will be most ideal for events where a lot of large media files are shared. For example, they can be used for sharing virtual reality or gaming media files.

Keep in Mind:

Information needed during the conference is best not shared using external hard drives because there’s no guarantee your potential customers have a way of accessing the files during the actual conference. The files in the drive should not be of a time sensitive nature. You can ensure that you share appropriate files by organizing and categorizing the files in their respective folders and your customers will be able to easily find what they are looking for when they get a chance to view the information on the drive.

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