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Digital Signage Industry Media Duplication

Digital Signage Industry Media Duplication

Digital signs are a great marketing, branding, and communications tool. When used properly, they can enhance your customer service, user experience, and brand recognition.

You’ve seen digital signs at the bank, where information, news, and promotions rotate while you stand in line; in retail stores, where features and benefits help sell products; and in museums, where displays give directions, explain the artwork, and promote upcoming events and exhibitions.

Digital signage is also a terrific in-office tool for businesses. Cutting-edge companies use digital signage to share updates via screens mounted in employee areas like lounges and breakrooms. It improves communication and workplace morale and when the messages are visually engaging, people pay more attention to them compared to a memo or email.

Digital signs can also be used to bring online content into brick-and-mortar facilities. Syncing your social media feeds shows your fans their hashtagged or tagged contributions featured, and your content becomes a source of information.

A challenge with digital signs is that with multiple locations, or thousands of locations, how to ensure they have the same exact content?

Many digital signs use flash memory, or media cards, to display their content. To ensure that your digital signage content is duplicated exactly so each shows the same thing, choose a vendor that can duplicate any type of flash media, like Secure Digital (SD), Compact Flash (CF), Memory Stick (MS), MiniSD, and microSD cards.

Our MMC duplication services can duplicate any existing format so that you can distribute data quickly and easily to all your digital signage locations and partners.

We use only high-quality, original flash memory in all of our SD cards, CF Cards, MS and MultiMediaCards so that you can be assured that our duplication services are of the highest quality for you and your customers that receive the data. Choose capacities ranging from 128MB to 64GB or any size that your project requires.

Diskcopy is the industry’s most trusted name for exacting media duplication because every bit and byte is important. We pioneered media and data duplication for businesses in the early 1990s and we have decades of experience and expertise with all types of media duplication.

When you need high-quality media duplication services, you need Diskcopy.

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