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What You Need To Know About Your Media Duplication

Companies worldwide heavily rely on media and data duplication as a modern-day means of sharing and distributing their organization’s vital content. Gone are the days when media duplication was a long and monotonous process; today, automation has greatly benefitted the process of duplication, letting technology carry out the steps while businesses continue other important work.  Here are just a few topics to consider before choosing your means of automatic data duplication.

Tools Of Media Duplication

There exists a variety of tools you can use to copy and share your content, data and digital media, the most traditional of which is the CD. While CDs can clone and distribute software, marketing content, interactive presentations, and video games, it is worth noting that DVDs can store six times as much data. USB flash drives perform the same service, but with the added benefits of flash memory, options to remove and rewrite content, as well as a compact size. If images and visual data are what you need, SD cards are what you may use for portable devices. 

SD Card Duplication

Diskcopy LLC specializes in SD Card Duplication. This SD Card Duplication Service can duplicate any format to make it easier to distribute data quickly to your manufacturing facilities, customers and marketing contacts.

Your information is only as good as the quality it is saved on. For this reason, Diskcopy only uses high-quality, original flash memory in all of their SD cards, MS and MultiMediaCards so that you can be assured that Diskcopys duplication services are of the highest quality for you and your customers.  Original Flash ensures that the drives will function at the highest read & write rates.

USB Card Duplication

Diskcopy’s USB duplication service utilizes state of the art equipment to load and verify your content has been properly and completely copied to the required USB Flash Drive.

Diskcopy’s fast & reliable USB duplication method involves a binary image copy, meaning the target devices are 100% identical to the original master device. This ‘Bit-by-bit’ verification against the master gives you the most reliable verification process ever. Diskcopy also provides a master checksum which is automatically calculated and displayed during every program and verify operation.

You can have confidence that when you purchase a USB Flash Drive for duplication purposes from Diskcopy LLC these important add-ons will not cost you extra. 

External Hard Drive Duplication

Diskcopy provides custom external hard drive duplication services. This is the perfect choice for the transfer of large amounts of data that needs to be saved or shared. These External hard drives allow seamless file transfer as well as adding storage and allowing for easy portability.

Hard drive duplication services performed by Diskcopy are completed by utilizing the latest technology available today. Using a binary image copy and bit for bit verification procedure, this ensures that the most reliable duplication and verification process will be completed. These target bulk hard drive devices will be 100% identical to the provided master.

Diskcopy’s provides the highest quality, brand-name, reliable products you can seek. These cost-effective bulk hard drives can range from 500 GB USB 2.0 to 3 TB USB 3.0. This allows you to store and transport enormous amounts of data. 


Speed is vastly important when considering your choices of media duplication. It is important to consider the timeframe of a given duplication project, as well as the amount of data or discs required for the duplication. While it may be possible to speed up duplication to meet a deadline, it is always best to consider speed when choosing your duplication tools.

Duplication Device

Diskcopy LLC  is equipped with the most modern and efficient devices to produce high-quality CD or DVDs via duplication. The equipment that Diskcopy uses can hold 100+ discs at a given time, and these devices make it ideal for the duplication of large numbers of CDs or DVDs. Our machines also offer the option of printing covers on your CD or DVD data duplication. Diskcopy LLC will consider the needs of your media duplication project before selecting the duplication device that is best suited for your project.  


Another note on printing options for your CDs and DVDs: not all disc surfaces are created equal.  Some discs may be designed for optimal technical use but are lacking in quality when it comes to the disc surface.  These surfaces usually produce a printed cover may have poor quality or be unprofessional in appearance, so, for this reason, Diskcopy makes sure to use high-quality material discs for media duplication.  

Diskcopy LLC offers an array of media duplication services for multiple data-holding devices.  With over twenty years of experience and using only the highest quality of brands, Diskcopy provides paramount of products and services for all of your media duplication needs.  

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