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Who Should You Trust with Your USB Flash Drive Duplication?

Who Should You Trust with Your USB Flash Drive Duplication?

Your data is important, and you shouldn’t trust it to just anyone. 

Did you know that many companies that sell custom printed USB flash drives don’t actually perform the task of duplication, or preloading your content on the drives? Most advertising specialty companies will send your data overseas to the flash drive factory in China that is manufacturing the drive. Do you really want to send your content overseas to be duplicated or preloaded?

No, you don’t.

These companies will sell you your flash drives without ever telling you how it works or who is seeing and loading your data.

Diskcopy is a media duplication expert and we understand exactly how USB flash drives work and we specify the flash (which we buy factory direct) and the specific controller (also purchased factory direct) to be used on the board inside the USB flash drive.

What that means is that our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide flash drive functionality that you can’t get from just anyone. We don’t just copy files; we perform a binary image copy of your original data. Doing this it allows us to verify the copies are 100% exact duplicates of your original data.  

And all of this is done securely in our facility located in Cleveland, Ohio.

By the way, we don’t need your content until it’s ready. If you order flash drives from us in advance, we will hold them until your content is ready and then we will load the drives when ready.

Custom USB Flash Drives

Don’t be fooled by a fancy website when you decide to buy a custom USB drive because not all drives are created equal, and neither are media duplication companies. We have more than 25 years in the business and specialize in exacting media duplication on all formats of data storage Our expertise sets us apart from companies that only sell USB flash drives.

Our prices meet or beat anyone in the industry since we buy all of the components factory-direct. We can leverage our huge volume buying power with the suppliers to offer you the best prices without compromising quality or integrity.

Diskcopy is the industry’s most trusted name for exacting media duplication because every bit is important. We pioneered media and data duplication for businesses in the early 1990s and we have decades of experience and expertise with all types of media duplication.

When you need high-quality media duplication services, you need Diskcopy.

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