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Custom CD Packaging Ideas

Now that the hard work you’ve put into creating your CD is
complete, it’s time to package it just right. Whether you want to
sell your music, compile your photos or store data, you have
options when it comes to CD packaging services.

5 Custom DVD Packaging Options

Once you’ve completed the work of getting your media just right,
whether it’s data for your business, your feature film masterpiece,
a professional recording of your concert or any other type of
media, presentation can be just as important as the data on the
disc itself.

How to Auto Run a USB Flash Drive

Diskcopy LLC is excited to offer this technology as part of our
custom USB drive duplication services. Our proprietary technology &
software allows us to create multiple partitions on a USB flash
drive allowing for copy protection of the content that we preload
on them including an auto run of your specified file or

USB Drive Duplication Services

Unless your supplier is in the business of imaging computer media,
the chances are that your supplier (ad specialty company) is
sending your content to a factory somewhere overseas to be loaded.

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