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Custom SD Cards – SD Card Duplication

Secure Digital cards, more commonly referred to as SD Cards are a durable and space-saving flash memory storage solution. There are no moving parts; transferring and storing data is done effortlessly and very quickly. Capacities range from 128mb for smaller sized data sets to as high as 128 GB for projects that require large amounts of data or space to store files. SD cards are available as a standard SD card and Micro SD and can be partitioned to your specifications.

SD card duplication services performed by Diskcopy are completed by utilizing the latest flash media technology in the market today. Using a binary image copy and bit for bit verification procedure ensures the most reliable duplication and verification process possible. The option to utilize write protection on SD cards exists as well. SD Cards can be partitioned so that your end user has the ability to use the remaining space on the card for their own file storage without risking loss of your preloaded files.

Not all SD Cards are created equally. Every end use has its own unique specifications. Our network of factory direct suppliers allows us to provide the highest quality name-brand cards with a capacity as low as 128mb and high as necessary to meet your project requirements.

Some reasons you may need custom SD cards include:

  • Use in a looping video Kiosk at Point-of-Purchase (Digital Signage)
  • Use in a Monitor in multiple locations providing facility information (Digital Signage)
  • Use in mobile phones or other handheld mobile devices
  • Easy and portable distribution of content files
  • Custom Linux Kernel for installation in a product
  • Custom Operating System files for use in applications such as Raspberry Pi

Our SD card duplication process offers:

  • Fast and reliable service
  • High-quality original flash memory
  • Binary image copy to ensure the target device is 100% identical to the original

Our Duplication Service can duplicate any format so that you can distribute data quickly and easily to your manufacturing facilities, customers and marketing contacts. Partner with Diskcopy for your duplication project so you can concentrate on the content development.

We use only high-quality, original flash memory in all of our SD cards, bulk micro SD cards, MS and MultiMediaCards so that you can be assured that our duplication services are of the highest quality for you and your customers. Original Flash ensures that the drives will function at the highest read and write rates.

If you need to duplicate an SD card, MicroSD Card, CF Card, Memory Stick or MultiMediaCard for any type of project, contact us and we’d be glad to work with you to develop a custom solution.

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